Our Fees

One of the biggest benefits of mediation is its relatively low cost. Fees are almost always lower than litigation and arbitration costs – and far more transparent.

We are fully transparent about our fees, which are agreed up-front before sessions begin and shared equally between the parties. To effectively accommodate the complexity and value of a particular dispute, fees are determined on a case-by-case basis, but usually comprise a fixed fee, with travel and venue expenses charged additionally. 

To illustrate, here are some example scenarios:

  • A full-day mediation of average complexity would cost each party roughly R3,500.
  • A half-day service, where matters are less complex, would cost each party roughly R2,000.
  • Numerous small sessions would be charged at an hourly rate of R1,375; the total cost of a standard settlement agreement would be roughly R2,500 per party.
  • Overtime – when required – is charged at an hourly rate of R1,375.

A very complex dispute, for example, covering multiple matters or requiring extensive preparation, would require a customised cost estimate – available on request.

Let’s talk about your particular matter.

Sigi Prinsloo, Director

email: sigi@yellowroadmediation.com
mobile: +27 72 293 2006