Our Approach

Our approach is tailored and flexible, designed to suit individuals’ needs and the nature of the particular dispute. This might look like a joint session with both parties, followed by several individual sessions; or the process might require individual sessions only – where parties never meet together at all. The dispute may require a full day or half-day session, or perhaps a number of shorter meetings. And sessions can be conducted face-to-face or via online conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

Because our approach to each case is bespoke, we always advise you of the options upfront before agreeing on the most appropriate format.

our process

Our process is broken down as follows:

1. Initial Consultation

(*20 minutes free of charge)

Our process always begins with an in-depth telephone consultation with each party, allowing us to better understand the complexity of the dispute, and also giving you the chance to ask questions and determine whether our services are right for you.

We then advise you on how best to proceed, which particular mediation services will best suit your situation, or whether, in fact, an alternative solution is a better fit. In the case of the latter, we can recommend another expert in our extensive referral network in the mediation community.

2. Mediation Session(s)

Equipped with a thorough understanding of the complexity and nature of the dispute, we proceed with a mediation plan designed to suit your needs; whether full day, half day or comprising a number of shorter sessions.

Essentially, you can expect a productive and effective conversation facilitated by a trained and impartial mediator.

Let’s talk about your particular matter.

Sigi Prinsloo, Director

email: sigi@yellowroadmediation.com
mobile: +27 72 293 2006