Have you considered mediation? 

Conflict is something most of us fear. But disputes don’t have to be intimidating or nasty. And they certainly don’t have to be expensive, drawn-out, and weighed down by endless legal procedures.

Mediation is an effective and viable option to consider in resolving disputes.

I read an article recently about a man who shot his neighbour because of a disagreement on the use of a leaf blower.

So many different thoughts and emotions went through my mind at the same time… “Goodness, what a complete overreaction,” is perhaps a natural first impression. I asked myself what could have preceded this incident to bring the man to the point of shooting his neighbour over a leaf blower.

Maybe it was a spur of the moment, “I snapped” kind of situation, or maybe he thought of following legal proceedings, considered the cost and time involved and decided against it, and instead; took matters into his own hands.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a frustrating situation with a colleague, client, supplier, neighbour… It can get to a point where you feel misunderstood and powerless to move forward.

Whether you are at a point where you just don’t know how to get out of, or through a conflict situation, don’t give up quite yet, consider mediation.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a method of resolving disputes without getting the courts involved. It is a flexible, confidential process whereby parties meet with a mutually selected, impartial professional (the mediator), to negotiate the settlement of a dispute. The parties are ultimately in control of the decision to settle and the terms of such an agreement, the mediator helps them get there.

Sometimes all you need is someone from the outside who can help in an objective and unbiased way to find a resolution where there previously seemed to be no way.

Most people don’t even know about mediation or how effective it can be.

Why mediate?

Mediation is sometimes seen as a “soft” option as a dispute resolution tool. Instead, it is incredibly powerful, and can help parties find suitable, creative solutions quickly and cost effectively.

When to mediate?

Mediation is often used in family or labour law disputes. However, it can be used just as effectively in commercial matters. From contractual disagreements to property disputes, from shareholders/ employee disputes in businesses to inheritance matters. Often relationships are a big part of the dispute and whether one needs the relationship to stay intact, restore it, or whether the breakdown in relationship has made it impossible for the parties to communicate a mediator can help in finding a suitable solution.

The aim is to find a solution that addresses both parties’ needs and interests and settle the dispute without delay. Through mediation this can be done quickly and cost effectively. Why wait years for a court process that will become expensive, when you can settle in a much shorter time, saving money and mostly likely settle on much better terms than a court would have ordered?

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